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Use and analysis of water quality

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Water is a very important part in our life, and is one of the indispensable material,because he not only directly with the water of life, but also, and various factories and industrial water, agricultural, fishery and so closely related to.

In the use of water at the same time, the temperature of the water is one of the important factors for detecting water quality, we must master the use of watercompliance with these conditions, secondly, processing to need to change waterand, in the process, also need to know the water quality. From the public point of view, we use water to the lake, river water, groundwater, seawater and other forms of existence, they passed the nature of natural circulation, in order to make full use of water, we must fully understand the movement of water and in the nature of the existing form, the used water, and with domestic wastewater the form, the industrial sewage to answer the nature, return to natural circulationprocess to. But for the general natural water, use water into the sewagedischarged into natural in time will form the pollution problems, they afterrepeated use. Therefore, we should not only management quality, also need to be restricted water emissions, does not affect the use of water downstream.

So we must analyze the correct quality.

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