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Let the people enjoy the fruits of development of water cons

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Looking back at 2013 this year, water conservancy, but also really many: solve the 63430000 rural drinking water safety issues, completed the key small reservoirs reinforcing planning task, start the rural hydropower efficiencyrevamping project and the fifth batch of 400 small water conservancy key county construction....... Although the work involves many aspects, but the key is to strengthen the "people's livelihood water conservancy construction".

The party's eighteen big stressed, to solve the people are most concerned aboutthe most direct the most realistic interests. It points out the direction of ourcountry water conservancy development. We want to solve the problem of water resources related to the vital interests of the masses of the people as the starting point and the foothold of the work, the broad masses of the people share in the fruits of development of water conservancy, let the water more benefit the people's livelihood, warming the hearts.

Over the years, our country in the water conservancy project arrangement andthe amount of funds to more flood control and drought, water electricity, inclined development production people the most basic needs, to the central and western regions, poverty area, old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas, rural areas tilt, gradually narrow the development gap between regions between water conservancy urban and rural areas. In the job evaluation andperformance evaluation, efforts to benefit the masses important degree as theevaluation of water conservancy, the masses satisfaction as the higheststandards of water conservancy, construction of water conservancy and protect the people's livelihood, serving the people, improve people's livelihood, Hui Ji'snew pattern of development.

While fully affirming the achievements of water resources at the same time, also cannot ignore the problems still exist, pay close attention to the livelihood of the people still can not have the slightest slack.

Just at the central economic work conference and the central rural work conference, put forward to make clear a requirement for China's economic workand the "three rural" a future period. Looking to the future, to let the waterprovides a more powerful support for the economic development and the "three rural" work, to further expand the scope of livelihood of the people benefit,benefit and benefit level, we must continue to maintain continuity, stability andwater Huimin policy, improve the supporting policies, at the same time, pay close attention to the implementation of the policy to continue to maintain steady growth of water conservancy investment;, strive for financial investment at the same time, open up financial and social capital channel; to continue to strengthen the weak links in the construction of water conservancy, Daxingirrigation and water conservancy, to start the construction of a number of keyprojects to speed up construction of water conservancy, twisted backward situation; to continue to achieve new breakthroughs in the reform of water resources in key areas and crucial links, continue to stimulate new energydevelopment of water conservancy.

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