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Method for treating ammonia nitrogen exceed the standard

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The general reason in sewage treatment plant ammonia exceed the standard has many kinds, there may be excessive ammonia nitrogen, carbon, nitrogen,phosphorus nutrition proportion of serious disorders, may also be due to low temperature, alkalinity is not enough, not enough carbon source, dissolved oxygen control is not strict, nitrite nitrogen enrichment, design mistakes and so on a series of reasons.

But common in processing method in exceed the standard is divided into two categories: chemical process and the biological membrane method processing.

The chemical treatment, including: ① stripping method, using ammonia nitrogenin balancing the relation between water, regulating pH to alkaline, the ammonia tonon ionized NH3-N exists, finally uses the air to blow off. The break point chlorination method, by the reaction of ammonia nitrogen and chlorine nitrogenremoval resulting from water. Chlorine dosage in accordance with chlorinationcurve. The ion exchange method, general selection of cation exchange resin.

Biological treatment method is what we often say that the biological nitrogen removal, ammonification, nitrification, including denitrification and ultimately tonitrogen gas separated from water. Biological nitrogen removal now has manymature technology, is very common in water treatment.

Ammonia exactly what the reason is because exceed the standard, needconcrete analysis of concrete problems, it can only be the two common methods.

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