Suzhou Fu Leitz Detection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013October, the registered capital of 5000000 yuan, the company is a Sino US joint venture specialized detection technology [] Tianjin xi'ensi BiochemicalTechnology Co., Ltd. full funding, the main products of the company for the rapid detection of fluorescence on-line automatic water quality detecting instrumentand portable, service in various environmental protection unit, aquaculture;drinking water source; water; Research Institute, to provide scientific, accurate,efficient testing products and services to customers.

The founder of the company has nearly 20 years of medical testing equipmentworking experience, master the key technology of detection reagent,fluorescence sensor is advanced, with perfect and optical instruments andwireless communication technology, the water quality monitoring blood rapiddetection technology used in aquaculture, preparation has the advantages of simple operation, intuitive result, online automatic monitoring of 24 hoursautomatic water measuring instrument, based on change detection data timelycleaning, ensure water products have a healthy living environment, providing reliable clean water products for human.

Company to "focus on rapid detection as the core, to bring technology to users"as a principle of service, through our continuous R & D and unremitting efforts, to provide more and better products for the user.

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